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Product Warranties

At Armsign we take great pride in our range of products and workmanship. Our signage and structures are designed for the harsh Australian environment and with a minimal amount of care and maintenance, they will live on and look great, well beyond the warranty period.

Armsign offer a repair or replacement warranty on all of our manufactured signage and structures, as per the conditions set out in the warranty document. 

polycure print
etch anodise
vinyl print

Care & Maintenance Guide

To ensure the life and performance of your signage is maximised, Armsign recommends following the basic cleaning program as set out in our recommended care and maintenance guide.

This guide provides details on the simple steps required to clean and maintain your signs, in order to avoid preventable product failure due to climatic conditions. 

It's important to not that when making a warranty claim, we may ask you to provide proof of product maintenance, so we suggest implementing a schedule whereby written records/photos are kept in of the ongoing maintenance program. 


For more information, download the guide below.  

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