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Custom Structure Design & Manufacture

Jandowae Timbertown Festival

Working alongside the local Jandowae Timbertown Festival community and committee, Armsign’s expertise in manufacturing bespoke structures led to the award of this exciting project. The brief was for a large, sculptural tree that had a commanding presence and immediate visual impact.

Designed with the Festival’s logo in mind, it stands at nearly four metres tall and was manufactured from multiple welded sheets of rusted weathering steel. The 3D tree is perfectly finished with bold and colourful ‘branches’ incorporating the corporate colours of the festival's branding.

The solid welded base box not only hides the concrete footing, but also houses the electronics and lighting that can be programmed to display a variety of colours and ‘light shows’ after dark. With etch and filled laser detailing on the base box itself, the whole structure promises to be the centre of attention in Central Park for many years to come and will no doubt appear on many social media posts from visitors and locals alike.


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