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Kangaroo Island Tourism Walk

Wayfinding & Interp Signage 

Kangaroo Island Tourism Walks

Kangaroo Island is a nature lover's paradise with it's dramatic coastlines, rolling seaside slopes and quaint coastal towns set against rural landscapes. It's remote setting 13km off the coast of South Australia makes it one of the best places in Australia to see an abundance of native fauna including koalas, kangaroos, sea lions and seals. It's no wonder then that Kangaroo Island is an increasingly popular destination for visitors, as they come to experience the natural beauty for themselves. 

In collaboration with trail consultants Tredwell Management, Armsign initially created concept designs for a suite of new trail signage across the Island. Focusing on three newly developed tourist trails, the brief from the Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance (KITA) was for signage that was colourful, cohesive and informative.


The bold colour palettes and custom 'coastline' shaping of the panels perfectly captures the essence of the brief, with the end result complimenting the surrounding landscape perfectly. With each of the walks containing an element of citizen science, visitors are encouraged to contribute in small ways - data collection on the echidnas and oyster reef, as well as taking coastal snaps to monitor beach sand movements.


The final wow-factor was the inclusion of Armsign's unique power-free audio units. With one on each trail, telling local stories of times gone by, they are activated by simply turning the dial and allow the user to sit back and relax before continuing on their journey.


Federal Minister for Trade and Tourism, Senator Don Farrell offered congratulations on a "wonderful tourism recovery project" adding that "the town walking trails will further strengthen Kangaroo Island's growing and deserved reputation as a quality tourism destination."


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