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Custom Interpretive Signage Display

Nudgee Beach Turn & Learn

Located in the Boondall Wetlands in Brisbane, Nudgee Beach is popular spot for outdoor activities of all kinds - from dog walking to bike riding - with a network of shared use pathways that meander along the coastline and open parklands.

The internationally significant wetlands are also home to numerous bird populations, many of which are migratory shorebirds from the Northern hemisphere making the wetlands a popular bird-watching destination.

As a family venue, Brisbane City Council engaged Armsign to capture the imagination of such a varied audience. And, as always, Armsign was definitely up for the challenge. The design team put their creative minds to work and came up with a solution to suit everybody. Our exclusive power-free audio unit was the perfect opportunity to allow the slightly older of our young adventurers to learn about the different bird calls, but the show-stopper came in the form of our custom box-spinner.

Inspired by times of old in the playground, each box, sized to scale for the different birds, highlights the varying methods of breeding, feeding, flying and resting for each bird species. With eight birds, the final cube was saved for information on dogs and the impact they can have on the shore birds if not kept on a lead. And all was done in a fun, yet informative, way.

Given the location on the shorefront (water literally sprays onto the signs during high winds), our signature Polycure print was the only choice. Being the only option available in Australia that will be able to withstand such conditions, Armsign's innovative and modern approach, once again, is guaranteed to leave an unrivalled lasting impression for years to come.


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