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Town Entry Signage

Hawker Entranceway

Located in South Australia, a four and a half hour drive North from Adelaide, Hawker has become a key tourist hub for visitors exploring the iconic Flinders Ranges National Park and surrounding regions. This humble, country town is home to less than 500 people along with an iconic town entry sign! 

Awarded the tender in 2021 and following consultations with Finders Ranges Council, our team of designers presented a series of design concepts that looked to weave cultural references with the iconic skyline of the Flinders Ranges. The scale of the design needed to be  L A R G E  in order to entice travelers off the busy highway and the choice of material needed to reflect the surrounding environment. 

The outcome is a series of angular shaped structures that represent the mountain ranges that backdrop the town of Hawker. The shapes are decorated with intricate designs derived from the artwork of local Juanella McKenzie - an Adnyamathanha and Luritja artist. The shapes also feature subtle coloured highlights in the same way the ranges capture the many shades of sunlight. In contrast to the subtle tones of the backdrop, the iconic, stainless steel faced letters proudly announce arrival to the town in a way that is bold and welcoming. 


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