Interpreting Roebourne

We work on projects of all shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing our team likes more than when a job comes along that requires us all to work together.  We had the chance to do this when working our latest interpretive signs project for the City of Karratha, the Roebourne Heritage Trail.

Rebecca, one of our graphic designers spear headed this project.  The Trail began to take life on Bec’s desktop, as she created a set of concepts for the City to choose from, the selected design included laser cut coreten steel, with a large concrete base, which would double as makeshift seating around the town.

Our Operations Director, Brett is well known for taking dreams and turning them into reality. He took Bec’s concepts and drafted technical drawings that were to be engineer certified.

Rudy our Managing Director and Interpretive Writer worked with Bec on the creative, consulting with Natasha (City of Karratha) on the content of each of the 19 interpretive signs, and discussing the final look and feel of the trail. It was a long process, working together to distil the unique and interesting stories of the town, sending lists of questions and thought prompters to flesh out the information we’d been provided about the area, including adding in local aboriginal history as well as European settlement. It was at about this point in the project we were also awarded the graphic design for a statement piece for the town, a giant “150” to be laser cut out of coreten.  The city had commissioned a local artist to come up with a design, we were then tasked with taking the design and creating a manufacture ready cut file. Enter Bec, our resident coreten expert, she scrutinised every inch of the 2.4x4m designs thickening, joining, enlarging and shrinking and after some weeks she’d whipped the design into shape, and the city was able to obtain an engineering certificate and have the work cut and installed. Meanwhile our graphic design team were making their way through each of the interpretive panels.  Leah and Bec worked hard to maintain a level of consistency between each of the signs, while still creating something unique which each panel.Roebourne Welcome Statement Time flies when you’re having fun, and around the time we finished graphic design the City of Karratha let us know the date of their sesquicentennial celebrations…. in 3 weeks.  Our production manager, Scott, proved our confidence in him wasn’t misplaced as he took the tight deadline in his stride. The signs look fantastic and on a recent trip to Karratha to install a different sign, Scott and Rudy were able to take an evening drive and take the all of these happy snaps! Save

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