For the sake of our health, our children and grandchildren and even our economic well-being, we must make protecting the planet our top priority. – David Suzuki

Armsign recognise that all industrial processes have the potential to cause environmental harm and that the world does not have unlimited resources.

We have made a conscious policy decision to explore avenues open to us that could reduce or eliminate the pollution created by us as a company.

At Armsign we aim to achieve continual environmental improvements through our implemented management system, with objectives and targets to; minimise our environmental footprint by working with our staff and our stakeholders through pollution prevention practices in compliance with legal and other requirements and be a role model for others to follow.

Our environmental management system applies to all its operations and services. Staff in every department are expected to comply with the spirit of this policy in the context of the organisation in which they work.

We have been accredited as a ‘5 Star Waste Warrior’ by our local council for our environmental achievements